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Monday, October 3, 2016


Two major components of HIPAA compliance for your business include training of your workforce and written HIPAA Policies & Procedures (P&Ps).  Hurley has products that are easy to use and can help you succeed with achieving and maintaining these HIPAA compliance requirements for your organization.  Unlike so many other HIPAA products available on the market, all of these products are specific for medical transcription (MT) services and for MT independent contractors.

WORKFORCE TRAINING:  There are 5 different training toolkits available for purchase; a description of each is below.  Each training toolkit consists of a PowerPoint file with audio clips inserted throughout the presentation, a test on the material presented, the answer key for the test, a certificate for proof of training, a PDF file of the PowerPoint slides for quick reference, instructions for how to use these items, and if needed a folder with Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer software for those who do not have PowerPoint software.  The training toolkits are priced so that you can use them for all of your workforce members; there is no per person license fee or use fee.  Once you buy a product you have unlimited use of it within your organization. You are only restricted from copying it and/or sharing it with others outside of your organization.  Each training toolkit product has been preapproved by AHDI for continuing education (CE) credits.


1.  HIPAA has Changed - are you Compliant?  If you have not provided any HIPAA training for the last 5 years, this is a product you should consider as it discusses the changes from the “original” HIPAA to the “new” HIPAA that has evolved from the enactment of the HITECH Act and Final Rule.  This toolkit is $400. Approved for 1 ML CE credit by AHDI.

2.  HIPAA on the Job!  This training tool is a good reminder for the MT workforce as it offers many of the common situations that occur on the job and applies HIPAA principles for resolution.  Some examples of topics discussed include destruction of hard drives with PHI, security tips, hidden risks with samples reports, faxing of PHI, and more!  This toolkit is $400. Approved for 1 ML CE credit by AHDI.

3.  HIPAA in Action!  This training toolkit is an excellent refresher with examples from published HIPAA breaches, solutions for avoiding violations, dangers of social media, snooping, and several important “what if” scenarios with ways to be HIPAA smart. This toolkit is $400. Approved for 1 ML CE credit by AHDI.

4.  Cyberthreats, Breaches, and their Laws.  This training toolkit will tackle a lot of today’s cybersecurity issues that confronts many computer users. Some topics include (a) typical cyberthreats and hacker gimmicks; (b) tips for best practices for users related to avoiding cyberattacks, phishing, ransomware, spam, and malware; (c) what happens when there is a breach of PHI data; and (d) the laws related to data breaches. This toolkit was released in 2015 and is now available for $500.  Approved for 2 ML CE credits by AHDI.

5. Security Rule Focus on Physical Safeguards.  This training toolkit covers the physical safeguards as defined by the HIPAA Security Rule. These include facility access controls, workstations use and workstation security, as well as device and media controls that are scalable to the size of a corporate office or a home-based office. Tips for compliance and typical scenarios as examples are also discussed.  This toolkit is $400. Approved for 1 ML CE credit by AHDI.

Written HIPAA P&Ps for MT companies:  This product includes a packet of 51 HIPAA P&Ps, their accompanying forms/templates, and a complete table of contents, all customized for your organization.  Some of the key policies include business associate agreements (for clients, vendors, and subcontractors), nondisclosure agreement, faxing of PHI, social media participation, de-identification of PHI, physician updates for system access, data retention, breach notification, and lots more! This customized P&P packet is only $500.

Written HIPAA P&Ps for ICs:  This product includes a packet of 21 HIPAA P&Ps, their accompanying forms/templates, and a complete table of contents, all customized for the independent contractor (subcontractor) who is also a HIPAA business associate.  Special rate for this P&P packet for ICs is only $200.

Contact Brenda at for purchasing these products or any questions related to them.  If you need more than compliance products – contact me about consulting services!

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