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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New HIPAA training toolkit on Cyberthreats is now available!

A timely new HIPAA training toolkit has just been released by Hurley Makes It Happen!  This product, called Cyberthreats, Breaches, and their Laws, will tackle a lot of today’s cybersecurity issues that confronts many computer users.  Briefly, some of the topics include (1) typical cyberthreats and hacker gimmicks; (2) tips for best practices for users to avoid cyberattacks (3) what happens when there is a breach; and (4) the laws related to data breaches.

This material is presented with 33 PowerPoint slides and enhanced by audio clips recorded by the author, Brenda J. Hurley, CMT, AHDI-F.  This presentation has been preapproved by the Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity for 2 medicolegal continuing education credits for its credentialed professionals.

The toolkit includes the PowerPoint file, a 20-question quiz, answer key for the quiz, a certificate of completion template, a pdf file of the PowerPoint file for quick reference, and instructions for how to use these toolkit items.

The special price for this newly released toolkit is only $500.  As with other training toolkits developed by Hurley, once you buy a toolkit product you have the unlimited use of it within your organization. You are only restricted from copying it and/or sharing it with others outside of your organization.

To order this new training toolkit, contact Brenda at


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